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tv   Journal  LINKTV  November 27, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> live from berlin, this is the world news. >> good to have you with us. here is what is coming up. oil prices plunged to a new four-year low after opec leaves its output unchanged. we will bring you the latest from vienna. >> lawmakers back the new prime minister for the new parliament. >> and news from the united states have a potential breakthrough in the battle against ebola.
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>> oil will continue to flood the market. that is the decision at a summit today in vienna. >> it is great for consumers looking for cheap oil. $72 a barrel now. >> the decision was spearheaded by saudi arabia. it made clear it does not have any intention of curbing production despite pleas from others in the market. >> even as opec discussed production levels, the price of crude oil continued to fall on thursday. cartel members don't want to project in amick of panic and agreed to leave volumes study. >> four years we have a very decent price. that does not mean we should really rush and do something.
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we have to wait and see. >> the current oil has triggered a drop in revenue. two years ago a barrel cost $120. since then the price has fallen by one third. oil production remains high, but demand is not keeping up. economic growth has slowed in china and europe and u.s. oil production has risen with the fracking of oil. opinions differ on opec members and the can't agree to bolster prices. >> the fair price is where we can invest and where the consumers will not -- will be happy. >> the declining prices are causing problems for some countries whose economies are dependent on oil production. one of them is venezuela. without oil prices of $120 a barrel, the country could
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default on its debt. nigeria needs oil, where it faces bankruptcy. for libya, $110. for russia, long-term prices less than $100 a barrel spell trouble. as supplies continue to rise, consumption is decreasing. the vehicle engines are becoming more efficient and renewable energy sources are grabbing a larger share of the market. >> where is the price headed? we spoke with our correspondent who is following events in vienna. he gave us his assessment of why opec decided to leave its quotas unchanged. >> opec is trying to hold on to its position it has in the energy market because not cutting on output but rather holding onto the market share means that opec is willing to suffer from lower revenue, but
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does not want to give up market share, which may be difficult to gain back because of their producers are stepping in, like russia, so opec is holding onto the market share it has. and another point, if we talk about other producers, if the price stays low, that makes the fracking industry in the u.s. a different story the next couple of years. so if the price stays low, and producers may be pushed out of the market, i think that is in the sense of opec. >> thanks very much. unemployment in germany fell again in november it is now at its lowest level since 1991. >> the number of people out of work fell by 14,000, according to the federal labor office.
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labor market remains robust, despite other signs of the economy slowing down. germany has the lowest level of unemployment in the european union. investors certainly like to that news. our correspondent has a wrapup of the action on the stock exchange. >> it is unusual, 11 days the dax has climbed. that is a long time without a break. any people thought maybe it is time for some profit taking and some cooling off, but the dax did the opposite. why? it was too good to ignore what kind of news came from the german labor market. the number of the unemployed it dropped to a three year low and the number of people with jobs went up to a record high 43 million people. added the good news from the june or consumers, in a better mood than before.
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when will 10,000 points come now? an open question and it remains exciting to see. >> let's get a closer look at the market numbers. nothing can stop the markets from climbing. the dax closing shy of 10,000. the euro stoxx 50 also getting a bump. the euro dollar is currently trading lower. european lawmakers have voted in favor of breaking up the world's largest cinch -- search engine, google. >> they have no power to act against the internet giant, but want to put pressure on the european mission. two members of parliament altered the bill, calling for google to be split from its other services. the european commission says it is unlikely to act on the vote.
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so the parliament does not have the authority to order a google breakup, but the eu commission does. are they trying to send a message to the u.s. giant? that is a message we put into our correspondent. >> no doubt it is a message to regulators to take a tough stance on google. the future of google lies within the hands of the new eu antitrust commissioner and no doubt this will be a concern for google. they know that when it comes to the internal market, competition on the internal market, the commission has far-reaching powers, unlike other subjects. that is a lesson that it google's competitor already learned the hard way. >> in other news, 40 people have been killed in a bomb blast in
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nigeria. five of the dead were soldiers. a roadside bomb tore through a bus station. >> the attack comes after female suicide bombers killed 44 people in another city. the region has seen numerous attacks linked to the boko haram in surgeon see. -- insurgency. five people have been killed following a suicide attack on a british embassy in afghanistan. >> the bomber was on a motorcycle when he drove into the target. the taliban has claimed responsibility, the latest in a recent wave of bombings as foreign combat troops withdraw from afghanistan by the end of the year. ukraine has approved yatsenyuk for a new term as prime minister. >> it was a ceremony that
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counted rivalry at the top. >> it rousing rendition of the national anthem was performed at the new deputies opened parliament. nine months after the overthrow, pro-european parties dominate the chamber. they even have the two thirds majority needed to alter the constitution, and that puts yatsenyuk in a strong position. he struck a strident note as he was confirmed to stay on as prime minister. >> we are being threatened from outside. the russian military intervention is a threat to our territory. in his attempt to destroy ukraine. >> the government will have a tough job preventing the country from splintering further.
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fighting rages in the east and kiev has cut off funding for government services. these residents are running out of money. to get cash, they are forced to travel to parts of the region held by the ukrainian army. >> i'm taking my grandmother to get her pension because the banks are not working. nothing is working. the situation is very difficult. >> besides the conflict with separatists, the new government also faces an economy in need of an overhaul. serious challenges await political leaders in the months ahead. >> and the main challenge lies in the east and the separatist region. let's bring frank in. will yatsenyuk be looking for a military solution, or will he emphasize diplomacy? >> he is trying to do both.
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trying to contain the conflict, the war in the east. and on the side of diplomacy, it became clear he was the one pushing to bring in the idea of nato membership as a goal in the coalition agreement, which is a way to put a revolver on the table when it comes to negotiations with russia. i doubt in the future the nato membership is something that is discussed above. they will try to negotiate. >> briefly, what about his other priorities, will he be looking for ukraine to forge closer ties with the west? >> there is no other way economically. the situation has deteriorated.
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inflation is high and without financial help, like the imf, there is not a good future for the economy in this country. the people realize that on a day by day basis. >> frank hoffman in kiev. thanks very much. to north korea now where kim jong-iun's sister is in the workers party. >> the sister, seen here in these images wearing a green coat, is now a vice director of the department within the party central committee. tv showed the 27-year-old visiting an animation studio with her brother. the appointment is seen as a move to strengthen the kim family rule. >> mexican authorities have found 11 bodies after new violence in the south of the country.
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police found the corpses in the state of guerrero. the group had been shot dead and then decapitated. >> protests have continued, the killings took place close to where 43 students were kidnapped and most probably murdered in september. protests continued in the u.s. town of ferguson, missouri. the atmosphere in the suburb was apparently,. there were no more reports of the kind of clashes that swept to the town following a grand jury decision not to press charges against deron williams -- aaron wilson, shot a black teenager. >> another case is adding to the accusations of discrimination. authorities have released footage that shows the moment an officer shot at a 12-year-old african-american boy with a toy pistol. >> these are the last moments of tamir rice's life.
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a man in nearby called the police. he said he had seen someone with a gun. he thought it could be fake, but he was not sure. then he was asked -- >> is he black or white? >> he has a great coach. black sleeves. >> is he black or white? >> i'm sorry. >> is he black or white? >> black. >> tamir is standing under the gazebo when police arrived. officers say they ordered him to put his hands up three times before shooting, and that they were just doing their job. >> two officers that were out there protecting the public, that just had to do something nobody wants to do. >> tamir's death are compounding
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anger in the u.s. over the treatment of black people by the authorities. >> we will be back after a short break. good news on the horizon in the fight against ebola. >> researchers are making progress in the race to stop ebola. 20 volunteers participated in phase one tests of a new vaccine and all of them have developed antibodies with no serious side effects. >> more than 5600 people have died in west africa, but despite a promising results, scientists say they are months away from producing a vaccine that could be used in the field. >> ok. we are going to bring up our science desk, fabian smith. we are trying to get a connection with him.
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let's mention to you that these tests in the united states are one-of-a-kind. we have him now. good to have you on the show. it looks like we are now one step closer to developing a vaccine against ebola. fill us in. >> yes. the central part is there is a vaccine that has been designed on the basis of a cold virus for chimpanzees and includes genetic parts of ebola stems, which then trigger the immune anti-body the important thing is that all of the patients have developed this and produced anti-bodies. only nine of them have produced cd8 t-cells. that means what -- that
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means one does not know if the vaccine will work for everybody. >> if it continues along this line, is there any kind of timeframe we are looking at for when we could see it deployed against ebola? >> yes. the normal procedure would be there would be a phase two study and phase three study. it would be tested in several hundreds of people, medical personnel, and others, and then thousands of people. the world health organization has proposed shortening the process and putting the studies together to get the medicine on the market faster. it seems like they are going ahead with this, which means that usually one has a control group, which means people would not be vaccine. you would not want to take that
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risk with ebola. so you probably would move ahead and put that vaccination on the market. >> some good news in the fight against ebola. fabian schmidt, thanks. in another promising development, the german government has unveiled the world's first medevac aircraft designed for ebola patients. >> it might look like an ordinary passenger plane, but this airbus is a flying hospital. it was ordered by the german government and retrofitted with an intensive care unit. if german or other foreign helpers are infected with the virus, they can be treated here as they are being flown home. >> we need to be prepared so that people infected with the virus can return home and can rely on the best treatment while
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they are traveling. we now have that capacity. >> the plane could soon be needed. soldiers have been collaborating with the world health organization to set up a treatment center. 20 german aid workers are on the ground. germany's flagship airline refitted the airplane in just eight weeks. they will also provide the crew if the plane was needed. >> 700 pilots and technicians have volunteered to be on standby so the plane can be available at any time. >> the plane is now ready for action, but both the german foreign minister and the minister of health said they hope it will never be needed. >> in other news on the eve of a trip to the middle east, pope francis is urging leaders to speak out against attacks on
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christian by islamist extremists. >> he says the persecution today is the worst it has been since the earliest days of christianity. >> his first stop is in turkey. >> at first glance, it looks as if things in this greek orthodox church are just as they have always been. the music, the incense, the candlelight. there is one thing missing -- the congregation. the service has attracted less than a dozen worshipers and those who did come our old. the greek orthodox community is on the verge of dying out. >> we are no longer a community of 120,000, but less than 3000. we can last maybe 5, 10 years. what then? >> the father is also a
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pensioner. he worked in germany and only returned to his native country after retiring from his job. he then trained for the priesthood. this island in the sea of istanbul used to be home to a major center for training young priests. it was forced to close 30 years ago after colleges were banned under turkish law. calls for it to be opened have fallen on deaf ears. christians hope the pope will bring some influence during his visit. >> every archdiocese in the church has a training center for priests. we are the only ones who had that taken away from us. >> it is also likely to overshadow the pope's visit. it was a cathedral of the
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orthodox church before it was turned into a mosque. the building has been a museum since 1935. there is also a movement to turn the building back into a mosque. activists have collected 15 million signatures for a petition. >> it is our mosque and we want it back. this is not an anti-christian sentiment, it is our right. we conquered istanbul. >> that would be another blow to the do and doing greek orthodox community in the city. >> voters will decide on sunday whether the country should continue on its path toward european integration. >> it is located between the european union and russia. moldova signed a trade agreement with the eu, and most people in the country see themselves as culturally close to romania, which is an eu member, and
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others want ties with russia. >> that divide is said to be reflected in the vote. >> this russian school used to have a thousand students. today there are about 400. it is a pattern repeated across moldova aware many parents are choosing to send their children to romanian language schools instead. >> we get the same money to the state. when there is a project from other countries, the romanian schools get more projects. even if you try to fight for it, the romanian schools have priority. >> moldova is divided between its russian and romanian ethnic groups. this is a small province in the south, which is russian. vladimir putin is popular here.
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and despite a general ban on moldovan products, people are a land sell goods to russia. the european union seems far away. >> we want everything to be good, but we do not want romain-ization. >> no one welcomes us in europe. >> lenin still stands in front of the government building. they enjoyed special privileges in the soviet era. this person has been the regional governor of eight years. he wants closer ties with russia. >> the central government looks too much to the demagogues in europe. they talk of european values. what they introduce here are african, not to european values. >> moldova has moved closer to europe in recent years, that now voters have to decide whether to stick to this path --
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>> we want to go to europe. our children are there. everyone. >> the russians are only concerned with expansion. it is clear to see. it is not just theoretical. >> the governing coalition is in a tricky situation for the election. the latest polls have the electorate split between closer ties to europe and to russia. the prime minister will probably have to form another shaky pro-european alliance to retain power. >> the eu is helping us. of course we want to embrace the same standards. so it is very much about the fundamental choice this country will have to make. >> this school principal says they are pro-eu, but also want
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ties to russia. there is not much into csm. the dolphins -- moldovans seem dissolution. >> pele is continuing to receive treatment for an infection. he was admitted to a clinic on monday, but a spokesman denied his health has worsened. >> he is revered as a national hero. pele underwent surgery two weeks ago. >> that is all we have time for right now. there is more news on our website, >> see you again next time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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9:00 p.m. in the french capital. the top stories. civil awakening in mexico. that's how some are drunk -- describing the outrage at the disappearance of 43 students. more anger at more austerity. thousands take to the streets in greece's main cities as the country remains in the grip of a general strike. and we have a duty to succeed -- the french president calls on world leaders to make history at next year's world leaders climate summit, which is being hosted here in


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